Creates a clone which runs in a direction for a time

"This is a variant on the tech behind Active Camo. A swarm of nanomachines, equipped with light emitters, creates a three-dimensional image of you. It's not that convincing up close, but it's good enough at a distance."

- Andrus Quinter

The default Vambrace Power for Switch, and the alternate Vambrace Power for Ghost.

Properties and interactions

This Vambrace Power creates a clone on the impact of the bolt with a surface. The clone will spawn where the bolt hit. If the player uses this power on a Drone or higher up on a tree or structure, the clone will drop down from the place of impact. This clone runs around for 10 to 28 seconds, depending on the rank. Below you may find a list with properties and interactions.

  • Using the Vambrace Power on another Scavenger, will copy that Scavenger's character.
  • Clones will not stand still, crouch, climb, wall cling or emote, but will randomly Combat Roll and jump.
  • When destroyed by the Hunter or if they expire, they will explode into green particles.
  • Clones will drop down small cliffs and run up gentle slopes.
  • If the clone bumps up against a surface, it will turn around, and run in the opposite angle.
  • At this time, clones will have the default skin and will not copy any cosmetic items the Scavenger is wearing. (This might be a bug)
  • Clones will interact with Hunter Constructs. They will set off Poacher Mines, if the bolt is fired at them or when running through them, and Inquisitor Turrets, if running into their line of sight.
  • If the Scavenger using the power is revealed, any clones spawned will be revealed as well. This includes during Blood Mode.
  • One Scavenger can only have 3 clones up at the same time. Using the Vambrace Power to spawn a 4th clone will destroy the oldest clone.
  • Clones will not show their outline or name on the HUD to other Scavengers. The exception to this is revealed clones, whose outline is shown to both Hunters and Scavengers.


Powers can be leveled up by talking to the technician located in the Locker Room. To rank up the Vambrace Power, one must complete a relevant task (shown when looking at the power in the upgrade booth) and gain a sufficient amount of Ink Cells and/or Iron. Each upgrade increases the time that a clone is visible, unless said clone is shot by the hunter, in which case the clone will disappear into a few green particles. The amount of health a clone has is not known, but it is significantly less than a Scavenger.

Level Effect Cost Task
1 10 seconds NPI icon.png 250 N/A
2 12 seconds NPI icon.png 340 Make 10 Clones
3 14 seconds NPI icon.png 460 Climb 200 meters
4 16 seconds NPI icon.png 620 Collect 21 Ammo Crates
5 18 seconds NPI icon.png 820 Iron icon.png 90 Fall 360 Meters
6 20 seconds NPI icon.png 1,100 Iron icon.png 183 Make 25 Clones
7 22 seconds NPI icon.png 1,460 Iron icon.png 372 Disable 51 Drones
8 24 seconds NPI icon.png 1,940 Iron icon.png 762 Wall Cling For 75 Seconds
9 26 seconds NPI icon.png 2,580 Iron icon.png 1,554 Climb 1,440 Meters
10 28 seconds NPI icon.png 3,440 Iron icon.png 3,177 Make 100 Clones
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