Core Design TTX22

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Core Design TTX22
Core Design TTX22 Sniper Rifle.png
10 round magazine. Unlimited effective range.
Sniper Rifles

The Core Design TTX22 is one of the weapons available to The Stalker.

Overview[edit | edit source]

A slow-firing, high damage weapon with heavy recoil. Upgrades reduces trigger pull time, but not aiming speed nor recoil reduction. 45-60 damage to the chest, 90 damage to the head. Damage is halved If too close (~10 meters). Max capacity is 60 rounds. Fixed, lower spread when holding the scope while moving, discouraging quickscope methods. No spread when jumping vertically without movement.

Tips and Tricks[edit | edit source]

  • Learn the movements of Scavengers; Lead your shots
  • Discouraged in close combat: (Reduced damage from to ~10-15m??)
  • Scavengers in the open are easy prey for this rifle.
  • Stopping before firing slightly reduces the recoil on accuracy, allowing for an accurate follow-up shot. (Unconfirmed: Unaffected by upgrade.)
  • Don't be afraid to jump while using your scope. (the accuracy is similar to moving)
  • Scope wobble exists. Take your shots quick.

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