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Crates, or Resource Crates, are found throughout the Garden and can be used by both the Hunter and Scavengers.

Crate interactions[]

Consuming the Crate[]

Upon consuming any regular crate (Ammo, Power Core or Health), the crate disappears and is replaced by a hologram in the same color, which will slowly recharge. Although their effects are different for each side, crates are shared between the Hunter and Scavengers. Once any one player interacts with the crate, no one can consume that Crate till it is fully recharged.

Scavengers and Crates[]

Like all resources, Crates are shared between all nearby Scavengers. Therefore Scavengers should try to wait for their teammates to come close, before consuming crates. Unused crates can be pinged using the Communications Key. Both used and unused crates can be marked by Scavengers by shooting any bolt at it or by certain perks. A marked crate will temporarily have a white outline, which is visible even through terrain. Every type of Crate has a unique shape, which allows Scavengers to identify the Crate, even through terrain.

Hunters and Crates[]

Hunters can shoot unused or recharging crates till they glow red to hack the crate. If a Scavenger consumes a hacked crate, they are revealed for several seconds, but will still receive the crate benefits. Having a shield will prevent the reveal.

The Golden Crate[]

The Golden Crate

The Golden Crate spawns in a random location, over the course of a game, accompanied by visual and audio queues when it spawns, when it is used and when the effect expires.

The Hunter will see the location of the Golden Crate regardless of where they are on the map. Any Scavenger within a certain, limited range, will also see the location in their HUD.

After consuming the Golden Crate a temporary buff is applied to either the Hunter or all Scavengers. The Golden Crate itself will disappear upon consumption, until the next Golden Crate event.

List of crates[]

Icon Name Hunter Scavengers
Ammo Crate.png Ammo Crate Gives ammunition. Can deny the use of Ammo crates when at full ammo capacity. Gives 10 ammunition baseline. This amount can be increased by Perks.
Golden Crate.png Golden Crate Provides infinite ammo for a short duration without having to reload. Also provides infinite stamina for this time. Provides infinite ammo for a short duration for both bolts and Vambrace powers.
Health Crate.png Health Crate Can deny the use of Health crate by interacting with it. Heals to full health.
Powercore.png Power Core Crate Can be interacted with to obtain a Power Core; A Hunter can carry up to 3 Power Cores, which will each power one of the Drones that cover an area with a radar. Any scavengers within the radar will be highlighted to the Hunter. Maxes out the amount of Vambrace power charges to 3.

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