Deathgarden Wiki

Players can earn 3 different currencies by playing the game. The amount of currency granted per game is based on the Experience earned.

These currencies are account bound, carry over between all characters and cannot be exchanged for another currency or given to other players. Using these, players can unlock and upgrade new Vambrace Powers, Hunter Weapons, Powers, Scavenger characters, Hunter characters and Perks.

The price per upgrade increases the higher the rank is and purchasing higher ranks (Rank 5 and upwards) of a Vambrace Power, Hunter Weapon, Hunter Power or Perk will require a smaller amount of a second currency,

Different currencies
Icon Name Primary use Secondary use
Iron.png Iron Purchasing new Scavengers and Hunters Upgrading Perks, Hunter Powers and Vambrace Powers from rank 5 and upwards
Blood.png Blood Cells Purchasing and upgrading new Perks Purchasing cosmetics for Scavengers and Hunters
Ink.png Ink Cells Purchasing and upgrading Vambrace Powers and Weapons Purchasing High Grade cosmetics for Scavengers and Hunters