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The Garden is an arena that changes constantly and is where the gameplay takes place.

Each one of the Gardens is procedurally generated to create a unique variation of one of five themed maps, which means every time a map is generated, buildings, scenery, layout and Resource Crate spawns will be recogizable, but unique to this game. Each map consists of a number of hexagons with various constructs and foliage. These hexagons can vary in height. Every garden has a set of basic things. Bushes, Ground foilage, And buildings. Certain gardens have specialtys specific to them, for instance, salt creek has waterfalls and rivers that the player can use to evade the hunter. While gold rush has terrible storms that produce lightning. Scavengers. Must use all of this to their advantage in order to survive.


The Garden is the arena in which the Bloodharvest takes place.

Each map is created through the use of nanoparticle ink (NPI), being printed from the ground up before the Scavengers and Hunter are allowed into the Garden.


Forest Desert Arctic
Tombstone Blowout Fire in the Sky
Tombstone-obelisk.png Blowout-top-view.png

Fire in the sky screen.png

Salt Creek Dust & Blood Desperate Expedition

Dust & Blood.png

First Strike Gold Rush
Firststrikescenic.png GoldRush.jpg
Citadel Legions Rest
Barren City


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