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Name Yani Amini
Height 182 cm
Age 24 y.o.
Location Algiers
Vambrace Power Active Camo

"I was part of the Enclaves, one of the chosen few. But I believe that everyone has a right to Humanity’s riches. And so, I choose to fight until I draw my last breath."

– Yani "Ghost" Amini

Ghost, also known by his real name, Yani Amini, is a scavenger in the Garden. His default Vambrace power is Active Camo. His alternative Vambrace power is Clone.

Ghost is a stealthy scavenger, who excels at moving unnoticed. His sharp survival instincts grant him superior navigational skills and map awareness.


Hating what the Hunters had made of society, Yani Amini tried to strike back. However, during an assassination attempt on the Hunter in charge of The Enclave, he was caught in the act and sent into the Complex for life.

He knows how the system works, and how best to take advantage of it. He's a survivor and plans that one day, he'll get free and enact his revenge on the Hunters.


None can escape the hunter’s cold-blooded rules. Breaking the law results in a swift sentence in the Deathgarden. Even though he’s been condemned to the Deathgarden for trying to assassinate a hunter, Yani Amini still believes he has chosen the right path.

Born and raised in Algiers’ Enclave, Amini witnessed the hunters’ barbaric methods since childhood. His father was a famous scavenger and Amini’s childhood was rife with protest and political turmoil.  

When The Divided took control of the Enclave, they set up different policies. Their rules weren’t harsh—they were vicious and unforgiving. Dissidents could be sentenced to countless deaths or have their body parts shattered numerous times. Alone, Amini didn’t stand a chance against the hunters, though he refused to sit by idly, watching their abuse and oppression.

One of Amini father’s friends, a retired scavenger named Safia Zeroual, approached him one day. She told him about the Turning Point, a contingent of rebels who wanted to wrest control back from the hunters. Zeroual sensed his rebellious nature and invited him to join the cause. Eagerly, he accepted.

“The hunters’ time is nearly done, and they know it. The people of the Enclaves will rise up and we’ll take back what’s rightfully theirs.”

His first objective: kill Fadil Taha, a prominent leader. Zeroual gave him a poison needle and all the details he needed to succeed in this dangerous mission.

One night during a Bloodharvest match, Amini stealthily approached Taha from behind. Bracing himself to kill a human being for the first time, he tightened his hand around the needle. He took a deep breath and just when he lurched forward—

A hunter spotted him. An alarm sounded and within moments he was restrained and being dragged off to the cells. Not long after the hunters made an example out of him. He was thrust into the Bloodharvest with an unattainable sentence to earn back his freedom.

Sacrificing all he had been for the cause, Amini adopted the alias ‘Ghost.’ His unmatched knowledge of the Enclave and Bloodharvest give him the advantage he needs to exact his revenge on the hunters. Even if Amini can’t kill them, he can at least outshine and humiliate them at their own game.[1]

Vambrace Powers[]


Icon Name Effect Description
Active camo.png Active Camo Grants invisibility to any scavengers within its area of affect. "This is really clever: a cloud of specialized nano-machines swarm around you, each recording an image in the area in front of it and relaying that to a counterpart on the other side of you, which displays it."


Icon Name Effect Description
Clone.png Clone Creates a clone of you that runs in the direction you were looking. "This is a variation on the tech behind Active Camo. A swarm of nanomachines, equipped with light emitters, create a three-dimensional image of you. It's not that convincing up close, but it's good enough at a distance."


Icon Name Effect Description
Ocular implants.png Ocular Implants Objectives are seen from further away. "I can change up your eyes with elements of an Eagle's: making the fovea deeper and more densely-packed with cone cells. It won't help you see in the dark, but you'll be able to discern objects from each other at a greater distance."
Sniper.png Sniper Reduced spread from Vambrace shots. "You know how some creatures hibernate? It's like that, but not so extreme - we don't want you sleeping in the Garden. When you crouch, your system is flooded with an artificial Hibernation Induction Trigger. It calms your heart, causes the reuptake of adrenaline and basically means you can take the shots without shaking hands."
Firmware.png Firmware Gathering blood grants immunity to Hacked crates to you and all scavengers within 15 meters for a short time. "The Body Pile can be set up with a broad-band jamming device, which will block the Hunter's tracking system in hacked crates. It doesn't last long, so plan carefully."
Lucky charm.png Lucky Charm Chance to get additional blood from a Body Pile. Chances increase every failed attempt. "Stepping out into the Garden is always a roll of the dice, but you can turn that randomness in your favor. If you're lucky enough, Body Piles might shower you with extra blood. Or they might not."
Zero cool.png Zero Cool Less reveal time from hacked crates. "An implanted ECM system that quickly located the Hunter's tracking frequency and floods it with noise, breaking the Hunter's lock."
Rich get richer.png Rich Get Richer After delivering blood, grants infinite Bolts for a time. "When you've deposited blood, the collection system can be used as a temporary storage for bolt Nanoparticle Ink. Use it or lose it, as the system will purge after a while."

Unique Bonuses[]

Icon Name Effect Description
Crawler icon.png Crawler Increases crawl speed when downed - FOV when downed is increased and all crates are marked. "You're young and you can cope with a hit of adrenaline when you need it most, so I can fit your nanomachines out to provide that. It should also make you more aware of your surroundings, which could help you find a healing crate."
Full start icon.png Full Start All Scavengers start with five additional Bolts. "You used to be someone, right? You know the benefits of making good connections? This provides all Scavengers in your team with bonus bolts. Make sure they know who supplied them."

Background Story[]

Yani Amini was born into the Enclaves. He had everything he needed provided for him. However, he had second-thoughts about the Hunter's rule. They ruled with an iron fist, even the smallest infractions will result in time in the Deathgarden.

Amini wasn't too fond of that. He was a resident of the Algiers Enclave. His parents were supporters of The Gauntlet. His father was a former successful Runner, and his mother a Producer of Chanpionships and broadcasts. As Amini grew up, he enmeshed himself with the politics of the Enclave, seeing the Hunters' ruling methods firsthand.

Algiers was ruled by The Divided, so the policies were more vicious than most. They allowed custom sentences, straying from the normal 'participate in a certain number of trials' or 'collect a certain amount of NPI'; instead, they went with 'die a certain number of times' or 'lose a certain amount of body parts.' Amini thought it wasn't right, but thought there was nothing he could do.

One day, he was approached by his father's longtime friend: Safia Zeroual, another former runner. She told Amini there may be a chance he could help after all.

She gave him a poisoned needle, telling him to be at The Senate at 19:30. He was going to assassinate Fadil Taha, leader of the Algiers Enclave. Amini was already invited to The Senate for a viewing party of The Bloodharvest. He knew what he had to do.

Just as he was about to do the job, he was caught red-handed. He was thrown into The Bloodharvest for life.

He only had one goal now: survive. He knew one day he would be free, and he wouldn't give up until that day.



Icon Name Part Description
Ghost default head.png Modernist Head With time on their hands, The Enclaves' residents immerse themselves in the art movements of the past, remixing and re-purposing them
Ghost default shirt.png Haute Couture Upper Body In his previous life, Amini took great pride in his appearance. Now he does what he can with the printers available to him. Only the tattered hem of his shirt suggests his true circumstances.
Ghost default pants.png Thick Leather Gaiters Lower Body He'd taken a chance, to make the Enclaves better for everyone, to put the Hunters back in their place and end their cruel reign.
Ghost default vambrace.png Decisive Moment Vanguard There comes a time in your life when you'll have to take action. Will you?


Icon Name Part Description
Noimg.png Drenched

(Prestige 1)


Earned by reaching Prestige Level 1 with Ghost.

Noimg.png Vagrante

(Prestige 3)

Upper Body

Earned by reaching Prestige Level 3 with Ghost.

Noimg.png Roadkill Gaiters

(Prestige 2)

Lower Body

Earned by reaching Prestige Level 2 with Ghost.

Noimg.png Take Action

(Prestige 4)


Earned by reaching Prestige Level 4 with Ghost.

Cosmetic Vendors[]

Full Sets
Icon Name Rarity Components Description
Paint the Town Red Set.png Paint the Town Red High End The Old Days

Proud Son

Horrible Spectacle


When you're ruled by Hunters, any night could be your last.
Known Associates Set.png Known Associates High End The Good Life

Misplaced Priorities

New Options

Guilt by Association

Little is known of the fates of Yani Amini's friends, since his arrest.
Prodigal Son Set.png Prodigal Son High End Ready for Anything

Embroidered Silk Jacket

Starlight Pants

Golden Sands

Only the best clothing, for highest-ranking people in The Enclave.
Rise of the Hunters Set.png Rise of the Hunters Standard Armed Response

Great Power

Transient Fear

The Coming Revolution

The world wasn't always like this.

Can be purchased for Blood icon.png6,000 from the Cosmetic Vendor

Charmed Life Set.png Charmed Life Standard Lap of Luxury

Watchful Eye

Grass is Greener

Oppressive Atmosphere

Or is it too good to be true?

Can be purchased for Blood icon.png4,000 from the Cosmetic Vendor

The World Remade Set.png The World Remade Standard Right from the Start

Run the Gauntlet

Eyes of the World

Location, Location, Location

Great changes can happen very quickly.

Can be purchased for Blood icon.png6,000 from the Cosmetic Vendor

Integration Set.png Integration Standard Bad Luck Charm

The Cooler

Life Inside

Shattered Dreams

No matter your background, it's rarely easy.

Can be purchased for Blood icon.png6,000 from the Cosmetic Vendor

The Turning Point Set.png The Turning Point Standard Chosen

Rise Up

High-value Target


Every life has one.

Can be purchased for Blood icon.png4,000 from the Cosmetic Vendor

Icon Name Rarity Set Description
The Old Days Head.png The Old Days High End Paint the Town Red "It was a trial like the old days," Yani Amini enthused to his friends, as they spilled out of the crowded restaurant, "pure skill on both sides, evenly matched Hunter and Scavs: thrills and blood!"
The Good Life Head.png The Good Life High End Known Associates Algiers Enclave, evidence file 15276/O8T - Yani Amini. Subj. Known associates. "We lives the good life, for sure. Different restaurant every night: the best food, printed by the best gastronomists."
Ready for Anything Head.png Ready for Anything High End Prodigal Son A haircut that needs to look good at high society events, while also being comfortable under a motorcycle helmet, during one of Yani Amini's excursions into the Ruins.
Armed Response Head.png Armed Response Standard Rise of the Hunters Algiers Enclave, evidence file 15276/32H - Yani Amini. Subj. Hunters. "Hunters should never have been provided with weapons back in the day. It gave them ideas above their station."

Can be purchased for Blood icon.png1,650 from the Cosmetic Vendor

Lap of Luxury Head.png Lap of Luxury Standard Charmed Life Algiers Enclave, evidence file 15276/17Q - Yani Amini. Subj. His life before the incident. "Everyone makes out that we have it made in The Enclave, but it's not as good as it seems."

Can be purchased for Blood icon.png1,100 from the Cosmetic Vendor

Right from the Start Head.png Right from the Start Standard The World Remade Algiers Enclave, evidence file 15276/12B - Yani Amini. Subj. Early life. "My family have lived in this area since before I was born."

Can be purchased for Blood icon.png1,650 from the Cosmetic Vendor

Bad Luck Charm Head.png Bad Luck Charm Standard Integration Algiers Enclave, evidence file 15276/69Q - Yani Amini. Subj. Integration into the Complex. "I don't mix with the other prisoners much. They know I'm in here for good and it's like a stink they don't want to rub off on them."

Can be purchased for Blood icon.png1,650 from the Cosmetic Vendor

Chosen Head.png Chosen Standard The Turning Point Algiers Enclave, evidence file 15276/25T - Yani Amini. Subj. Approach by Turning Point. "It was hardly a surprise when they came to me. I'm not some pampered gourmand; I can handle myself."

Can be purchased for Blood icon.png1,100 from the Cosmetic Vendor

Icon Name Rarity Set Description
Proud Son Torso.png Proud Son High End Paint the Town Red Yani's friend Farouk leaned over to Saffron and said, "He'll mention his father in a moment."

"Of course, they're not as good as my father would have been-"

Their laughter was broken by the sight of a Hunter catch team, across the street.

Misplaced Priorities Torso.png Misplaced Priorities High End Known Associates "But it takes the edge off the night, when you see some guy get beaten half to death and then hauled off to be interrogated, you know?"
Embroidered Silk Jacket Torso.png Embroidered Silk Jacket High End Prodigal Son In the past, this jacket would have been exclusive because of the skill required to hand-make it. Now its exclusivity is an indication of the fine resolution of the printer that created it.
Great Power Torso.png Great Power Standard Rise of the Hunters "Back when Hunters were unarmed, they knew their place: as part of a game that brought society together. We gave them guns and the power went to their heads. Well, anyone can fire a gun."

Can be purchased for Blood icon.png2,700 from the Cosmetic Vendor

Watchful Eye Torso.png Watchful Eye Standard Charmed Life "Sure, we have all we can eat and drink, and pretty good it is too, but we're still living under the Hunters' rule. We're watched all the time."

Can be purchased for Blood icon.png1,800 from the Cosmetic Vendor

Run the Gauntlet Torso.png Run the Gauntlet Standard The World Remade "Back then, my family were heavily involved in The Gauntlet, what the Bloodharvest used to be. My father was a great Runner, one of the best."

Can be purchased for Blood icon.png2,700 from the Cosmetic Vendor

The Cooler Torso.png The Cooler Standard Integration "The short-timers think I'm bad news. The longer-term prisoners seem to worry that associating with me will harm their chances of leaving."

Can be purchased for Blood icon.png2,700 from the Cosmetic Vendor

Rise Up Torso.png Rise Up Standard The Turning Point "They approached me, told me of their plans, and it all made sense. You Hunters have had too much power, for too long. It's not sustainable. We will rise up and take back what's ours."

Can be purchased for Blood icon.png1,800 from the Cosmetic Vendor

Icon Name Rarity Set Description
Horrible Spectacle High End Paint the Town Red The friends stood in silence, torn between watching the spectacle and not drwaing attenmtion. The catch team homed in on their target, a terrified man, who was quickly dragged away.
New Options High End Known Associates "Back then, I thought that there was nothing that I could do, that we all just had to suck it up and do whatever the Hunters said. I know different now."
Starlight Pants High End Prodigal Son The deep blue is spotted with sparkles, representing the Algerian night sky.
Noimg.png Transient Fear Standard Rise of the Hunters "A gun doesn't make you right, a gun doesn't give you a mandate to lead: it just makes people afraid of you. And fear never lasts."

Can be purchased for Blood icon.png900 from the Cosmetic Vendor

Noimg.png Grass is Greener Standard Charmed Life "Don't get me wrong, I know life in the ruins is hard; I've been out there many times, I've seen it. But they're not under constant surveillance, like in The Enclaves."

Can be purchased for Blood icon.png600 from the Cosmetic Vendor

Noimg.png Eyes of the World Standard The World Remade "My mother was a Producer, she would organize the championships and broadcasts. It was a powerful position in those days, when everyone around the world watched."

Can be purchased for Blood icon.png900 from the Cosmetic Vendor

Noimg.png Life Inside Standard Integration "The aspirants are a different story: they all want to hear stories of life inside The Enclave. Mostly the food and drink, occasionally the clothes. One guy just wanted me to talk about how clean everything was."

Can be purchased for Blood icon.png900 from the Cosmetic Vendor

Noimg.png High-Value Target Standard The Turning Point "They gave me a hell of a target too: Fadil Taha. Only the head Hunter in The Enclave. If that doesn't tell you how highly they thought of me, I don't know what will."

Can be purchased for Blood icon.png600 from the Cosmetic Vendor

Icon Name Rarity Set Description
Resignation High End Paint the Town Red The Hunters departed and the street returned to normal. The friends were quiet, until Saffron whispered: "It's not right."

"No," replied Yani, "but who's going to stand against them?"

Guilt by Association High End Known Associates "I don't know what's happened to my friends. There's a real possibility thatmy actions have damned them. They may even be in this Complex. I hope not.
Golden Sands High End Prodigal Son A combination of the extreme technical advances of the Algiers Enclave and the extreme environment of the desert.
Noimg.png The Coming Revolution Standard Rise of the Hunters "A reckoning is coming, where the people of The Enclaves rise up and take back what is ours. There are more of us than you, and your guns will not protect you from our wrath."

Can be purchased for Blood icon.png750 from the Cosmetic Vendor

Noimg.png Oppressive Atmosphere Standard Charmed Life "There's an undercurrent of threat that's always there. People laugh, drink and eat, making out like everything's fine. They know it isn't, but they're just too scared to speak out."

Can be purchased for Blood icon.png500 from the Cosmetic Vendor

Noimg.png Location, Location, Location Standard The World Remade "My parents could see the way the tide was turning, as the Hunters became more powerful, and they moved us close to the seat of power. When the walls went up around The Enclaves, we were already inside."

Can be purchased for Blood icon.png750 from the Cosmetic Vendor

Noimg.png Shattered Dreams Standard Integration "All the people in the ruins see of The Enclaves comes from the streams, and they want to know if it's all true. I tell them that it's better than they could imagine. I don't tell them the bad aspects. Let them have their dreams."

Can be purchased for Blood icon.png750 from the Cosmetic Vendor

Noimg.png Near-Miss Standard The Turning Point "I came this close too. Another couple of seconds and this Enclave would be looking a lot different today."

Can be purchased for Blood icon.png500 from the Cosmetic Vendor


Supernova Head.png Out of This World While on one of his trips into the ruins, Yani Amini saw a strange green glow, emanating from a derelict building. Seeing a chance for adventure he kicked down his bike's stand and ventured within

Redeemable from Alienware Arena on 1st June, 2019

Supernova torso.png Space Suit Carefully, he searched the building, aware that this was likely just a trap, set by marauders, or worse. Instead, he found a small creature, desperately working to fix a craft of some kind.

Redeemable from Alienware Arena on 1st June, 2019

Supernova pants.png One Small Step The creature's intelligent eyes regarded Amini for a moment, before its gaze fell on the wrench he had brought for protection. It held out its three-fingered hand, and Amani cautiously passed it the wrench.

Redeemable from Alienware Arena on 1st June, 2019

Supernova Vambrace.png The Traveler Within an hour, the creature had repaired its craft and handed the wrench back to Amini along with a suit and some tech: a gift, from one traveler to another.

Redeemable from Alienware Arena on 1st June, 2019

Harsh Environment.jpg Harsh Environment High End When the journey is long, and threats are all around, it pays to be prepared.

Weekly Challenge Reward


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