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This page will serve as a basic how to play guide for Deathgarden. While there is very little information available at this time, we urge you to check back often, as new information is being added all the time! Feel free to edit this guide with any tips, tricks, and suggestions.

Basic gameplay[]


  • Down Scavengers by any means necessary
  • Collect Power Cores from blue Crates to power Drones that Reveal Scavengers
  • Get close to Downed Scavengers to Recycle/Execute them. 3 Executions opens the Exits.

It is the Hunter's overall objective to execute as many Scavengers as possible.

Hunters should maintain good map control through use of Drones; machines powered by Power Cores found in the blue crates scattered about the map. Upon activation, these drones enter the air and cover an area of the map with a scanner. Any Scavengers that enter this area will be highlighted to you, and an alarm will be sounded. Scavengers may destroy these drones by shooting at them with their Bolts. It takes 3 bolts for these drones to be destroyed by most Scavengers, but only 2 for Fog to destroy them, due to his unique bonus: Tear it Down.

Setting up multiple drones across the map slows Scavengers down by making areas risk being revealed.In order to avoid detection they will have to either avoid certain areas, or destroy drones before proceeding.

The Hunter is also able to hack crates by shooting them (or, in the case of the Stalker, by standing within range for long enough). Hacked crates will highlight and revealScavengers that interact with them for a period of time.


  • Deliver 55 Blood at a Blood Bank to turn it into an exit when the timer expires.
  • Collect Power Cores from blue Crates to provide Charges for your Vambrace Power
  • Escape!



These are the Default Key Bindings.

Action Key Binding
Movement W A S D
Sprint Shift
Jump Space Bar
Shoot L Mouse Button
Reload R
Switch Weapon Mouse Wheel
Super Charge L-Alt
Stun Q
Power F
Aim R Mouse Button
Recycle Hold E
Execute Hold Q


These are the Default Key Bindings.

Action Key Binding
Movement W A S D
Evade Shift
Jump/Climb Space Bar
Shoot L Mouse Button
Change Ammo Type Mouse Wheel
Crouch CTRL
Aim R Mouse Button

Tips and tricks[]

  • All players standing near any Resource Crate or Blood Pile receive the benefits.
  • Scavengers enter 20 seconds before the Hunter. They should use this time to find and mark valuable Crates spread throughout the Garden.
  • Scavengers maintain their momentum when jumping and using ADS.
  • You can cling to a wall twice. To do it three times, it's Cling, Jump, Cling, Wallclimb, Cling.
  • Successfully using your Vambace to help a Scavenger escape the hunter nets a lot to your score.
  • Watch Scavengers and understand how they move.
  • Listen for blood posts and broken drones.
  • Used/ regenerating crates and Blood Piles are telltale signs of scavenger activity.
  • Do not let the scavengers cooperate, it will speed their progress.
  • weapon spread decreases with crouch and iron sights.
  • Headshots are encouraged.



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