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A playable character class. The Hunter is a powered champion, normally coming from within The Enclave, whose role consists of defending The Enclave from unworthy inhabitants. Their main goal is to defeat all the Scavengers, and prevent them from becoming part of The Enclave's society.

Hunters compete against the Scavengers in the Garden. At this time there are 4 individual Hunters, each with their own lore, cosmetics, active abilities, selectable Perks and passive boosts. One or two Hunters enter the Garden in first-person view, which is meant to give Scavengers an advantage by limiting The Hunter's field of view, against a team of five, or ten, Scavengers. Each Hunter has their own default load-out, which they can use in the Garden to increase their chances of killing Scavengers.

As of the release of Deathgarden: BLOODHARVEST, new players start with The Poacher as the default Hunter, while The Stalker, The Inquisitor and The Veteran can be unlocked for 1000 Iron each.

Every Hunter has 2 abilities which are shared with all other Hunters, 1 ability unique to them, 3 Weapons (of which they can select 2 per game), 6 Perks unique to them (of which they can select 2 per game) and 2 passive Perks, which are always active on that specific character.

List of Hunters[]

The Inquisitor The Poacher The Stalker The Veteran
Inquisitor-icon.png Poacher icon2.png Stalker icon.png Veteran icon.jpg

Shared Abilities[]

Icon Name Description

Supercharge icon.jpg

Supercharge Increases speed and jump distance.

Shock icon.jpg

Shock A short-range attack, deals a small amount of damage, stops

Scavenger's interactions, and slows the affected Scavengers

down, with a 6 second cooldown.

(Shared between all Hunters except The Veteran).

No Way To Hide icon.jpg No Way

To Hide

A short-range scan ability that deals no damage, but instead

reveals Scavengers for a short period of time. It does not

interrupt interactions or slow Scavengers down, but is still on

a 6 second cooldown.

(Currently exclusive to The Veteran).