Deathgarden Wiki

Players can level up their account and their individual characters by earning experience in the Garden. Every character will have their own level, based on the experience earned, and the account will have a global level. To unlock certain perks, the character needs to be a certain level. However, all perks can be unlocked by level 5 and attaining this level should only take a few matches.

These levels and their titles can be checked in the HUD of the Locker Room. Check the top right hand side to see your levels. Every character level will come with a title, based on the number of the rank.

  • For example: A level 1 Scavenger character will be called Aspirant, as A is the first letter of the alphabet.

This will go on to 26, then it will reset, but a prefix will be added to the title.

  • For example: A level 27 character level will be called Duo--Aspirant


Level Letter Scavenger Title Hunter Title
1 A Aspirant Ajatar
2 B Battler Behemoth
3 C Challenger Chimera
4 D Dauntless Dragon
5 E Entrant Echidna
6 F Freerunner Firedrake
7 G Guardian Griffin
8 H Hotshot Hydra
9 I Icon Imugi
10 J Juker Juggernaut
11 K Knight Kraken
12 L Luminary Leviathan
13 M Mentor Minotaur
14 N Nemesis Nargun
15 O Opportunist Ogre
16 P Pro Phoenix
17 Q Quicksilver Quinotaur
18 R Rival Raiju
19 S Savant Sphinx
20 T Transcender Typhon
21 U Ultra Unicorn
22 V Virtuoso Ved
23 W Warrior Wraith
24 X Xyresic Xelhua
25 Y Yaager Yong
26 Z Zenith Zeus

Post-26 prefixes[]

Below you can find the prefixes for the leveling cycle. Level 1-26 will be cycle 1 and will not have a prefix. Level 27-52 will be leveling cycle 2 and will have the Duo prefix, etc,...

Cycle Prefix Example
1 No pre-fix Aspirant
2 Duo Duo--Battler
3 Trio Trio--Challenger
4 Tetra Tetra--Dauntless
5 Penta Penta--Entrant
6 Hexa Hexa--Firedrake