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Matchmaking Station[]

Staffed by Matchmaker Bulent Altun. Here Scavengers can queue up to enter a match with random players online, or create a private party in order to play with friends. Playing with friends requires that one creates a minimum group of 4 players, including a deesignated Hunter.

Upgrade Vendor[]

Staffed by Technician Andrus Quintero. Here Scavengers are able to upgrade their perks to increase their effects, at the cost of Blood.png Blood Cells. Each perk will first require the player to complete some form of a task with the perk they want to upgrade equipped. These tasks are random, however tend to be variations on the following:

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Cosmetic Vendor[]

Staffed by Wardrobe Master Teka Andenet Belai

The Vendors will only accept resources acquired in the Deathgardens as payments. Cosmetics can only be bought with Blood, Ink, and Iron, as money has no power in the Gardens.

Each set it priced differently. Vendors divide cosmetics into four categories based on how they differ from the original attire.

- Superior, a colour swap

- Ultra, original mesh with a texture swap

- Epic, minor mesh alteration with a texture swap

- Legendary, fully new mesh and textures.


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