Deathgarden Wiki

Each scavenger and hunter has access to perks and unique bonuses as part of their load out in addition to their Vambrace Powers or Weapons. Listed below are all perks and unique abilities.

Scavenger Perks[]

Icon Name Description Character
Ammo Opportunist Icon.png Ammo Oppertunist Increased bolts per ammo crate, and maximum bolts Fog
Cardio icon.jpg Cardio Delivering blood grants increased stamina regeneration for a time Sawbones
Cling wrap icon.jpg Cling Wrap Increases wall cling time Inked
Code Optimization icon.jpg Code Optimization Increased body pile interaction speed by an amount Dash
Crawler icon.png Crawler When downed - camera is further away, all crates are marked, and crawl speed is increased Ghost (Unique bonus)
Damage Dodger icon.jpg Damage Dodger Take less damage while evading Inked
Deliver Master icon.jpg Deliver Master While actively delivering and within 1 seconds of delivering blood, you and all others within 15 m take less damage Inked
Disc Defrag icon.jpg Disc Defrag Increased regeneration speed of crates (Ammo, Health, Power) Dash (Unique bonus)
Emboldened Perk Icon.png Emboldened Delivering blood grants a 30 hit point shield for a time Fog
Evade Master.png Evade Master Increased stamina regeneration Switch
Firmware.png Firmware Gathering blood grants immunity from hacked crates for you and all scavengers within 15 meters for a time Ghost
Fleet Feet.png Fleet Feet Gathering Blood grants a 50% movement speed increase for a time Fog
Friends for Life icon.jpg Friends for Life Regenerate health with less delay and at a faster rate when within 15 meters of other scavengers Sawbones
Full start icon.png Full Start All scavengers start with more bolts Ghost (Unique bonus)
Heal Faster icon.jpg Heal Faster Start regenerating health sooner Sawbones
Heat of the moment.png Heat of the Moment Move faster while revealed Fog
Herd Mentality icon.jpg Herd Mentality Increased stamina regeneration when within 15 meters of other scavengers Switch
Hotter Intensity icon.jpg Hotter Intensity Damage resistance by an amount while revealed Dash
Into Overdrive icon.jpg Into Overdrive Increased stamina regeneration by an amount while revealed Dash
Keep Hanging On icon.jpg Keep Hanging on Take less damage while climbing Inked
Lighten your Load icon.jpg Lighten your Load Delivering blood grants a speed boost for a time Switch (Unique bonus)
Lucky charm.png Lucky Charm Chance to gain additional blood from a body pile. Consecutive failures increase your chance Ghost
Lucky Rabbit's Foot icon.jpg Lucky Rabbit's Foot Chance to not spend ammo when firing bolts. Consecutive failures increase the chance Dash
Maximum Health icon.jpg Maximum Health Increased maximum health Inked (Unique bonus)
Maximum Stamina icon.jpg Maximum Stamina Increased maximum stamina Inked (Unique bonus)
Ocular implants.png Ocular Implants Objectives are seen form further away Ghost
Plenum Tubes icon.jpg Plenum Tubes Increased blood delivery speed by an amount Dash
Quick rescue icon.jpg Quick Rescue Improved rescuing speed Sawbones (Unique bonus)
Redline Overload icon.jpg Redline Overload Increased stamina regeneration for a time after being damaged Dash
Resting icon.jpg Resting Increased stamina regeneration while stopped and crouching Inked
Revivalist alt icon.jpg Revivalist Revive with full health instead of 2/3 full Switch (Unique bonus)
Rich get richer.png Rich get Richer After delivering blood, gain unlimited regular bolts for a time Ghost
Security Blanket icon.jpg Security Blanket Delivering blood grants damage reduction to all scavengers within 15 meters for a time Sawbones
Sharing is Caring Perk Icon.png Sharing is Caring When an Ammo Crate is collected, you and all Scavengers within 15 meters get bonus ammo Fog
Shimmy Perk Icon.png Shimmy Move faster while crouched Fog
Size Matters.png Size Matters After delivering blood, interaction distance increased by 4 meters for a time Switch
Sniper.png Sniper Reduced spread with all vambrace shots Ghost
Splash icon.jpg Splash Gathering blood grants increased radius to your equipped vambrace power for a time Sawbones
Sprinter icon.png Sprinter Increased sprint speed Sawbones (Unique bonus)
Staying Alive icon.jpg Staying Alive Increased time before bleedout when downed Inked

Fog (Unique bonus)

Sudden Insight.png Sudden Insight Delivering blood reveals all crates and blood for 10 seconds within a distance Switch
Fog tear it down icon.png Tear it Down Deal more damage to Hunter Constructs Fog (Unique bonus)
Toil Togeather.png Toil Together Blood gathering speed increased for all scavengers when within 15 meters of them Switch
Treasure Hunter icon.jpg Treasure Hunter Collecting blood reveals all crates and blood within a distance Switch
Under Foot icon.jpg Under Foot Reduced damage from hunter shock Sawbones
Vaccuum Tubes icon.jpg Vacuum Tubes Increaed blood carry capacity Dash (Unique bonus)
Zero cool.png Zero Cool Less reveal time from hacked crates Ghost

Hunter Perks[]

Icon Name Description Character
Bring a Friend icon.jpg Bring a Friend Chance to activate a seconds nearby drone when activating a drone. Consecutive failures increase the chance Veteran