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Plenum Tubes
Plenum Tubes icon.jpg
Increased Blood delivery speed by an amount

"Your blood collection system is pretty complex: able to pump NPI-rich blood to and from the Garden's systems at high speed. There's always room for improvement though. I can increase the size of the tubing and the power of the magnetic coils, which will let you offload blood faster."

- Andrus Quintero

A perk available to Dash.


Increased Blood delivery speed by an amount.


Perks can be leveled up by the technician located in the Scavenger hub. In reach the next level, one must complete a relevant task (shown when looking at the power in the upgrade booth) and gain a sufficient amount of blood.

Level Effect Cost Task
1 +5% N/A N/A
2 +10% Blood icon.png170 Deliver 20 First Bloods with Plenum Tubes Perk equipped
3 +15% Blood icon.png230 Fall 200 meters
4 +20% Blood icon.png310 Evade 84 times
5 +25% Iron icon.png30

Blood icon.png410

Spend 45 Power Cores
6 +30% Iron icon.pngnumber

Blood icon.pngnumber

7 +35% Iron icon.png124

Blood icon.png730

Climb 680 meters
8 Iron icon.pngnumber

Blood icon.pngnumber