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Powers are the abilities unique to each hunter. They can be upgraded by Trinh Thanh at the Upgrade Booth.

List of Powers[]

Icon Name Effect Description
Anti Personnel Turret alt icon.jpg Anti Personnel Turret Place up to 2 Anti-Personnel Turrets (Detection Range of 31 meters) You can't be in two places at once. I know, you've got the drones to help you, but they are missing one vital element: firepower. Drop a turret and it'll be both your eyes and your trigger finger.
Proximity mines alt icon.jpg Proximity Mines Place Proximity Mines (10 mines) There's something to be said of the simple pleasure of explosives. Stored chemical energy, released to devastating effect by a proximity trigger. Plus you get to see the surprise on the Scavenger's face.
Fade alt icon.jpg Fade Turn near-invisible for a time (9 seconds default) This is an upgraded version of the Scavengers' Active Camo system. Works in a similar way but, with a much greater capacity for repeated use. Now you can truly be part of the forest.
Orbital strike icon.jpg Orbital Strike Calls in "death from above" that does damage in a designated area (Area of Effect 20 meters)