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A playable character type, also referred to as "Scavs", previously known as "Runners", sometimes referred to as "Survivors", which is an incorrect name taken from Dead By Daylight, which is another asymmetric game by the same developers.

Scavengers compete against the Hunter in the Garden. At this time there are 6 individual Scavengers, each with their own lore, cosmetics, active abilities, select-able Perks and passive boosts. Five Scavengers enter the Garden in third-person view, which allows them for better awareness of and maneuverability throughout the map, against a solo Hunter. Each Scavenger has their own default Vambrace Power, which they can use in the Garden to increase their chances of survival.

As of the release of Deathgarden: BLOODHARVEST, new players start with Fog as the default Scavenger. The price for unlocking additional scavengers is 800 Iron per character, with the exception of Dash, who is 1,600 Iron.

List of Scavengers[]

Fog Ghost Inked Sawbones


GhostIcon.jpg InkedIcon.jpg SawbonesIcon.jpg
Switch Dash
SwitchIcon.jpg DashIcon.jpg


Baseline, every Scavenger will have the same stats. There are Perks which might permanently, or temporarily if specific conditions are met, adjust these stats.

Baseline Property/Stat Amount
Healthbars 3
Hitpoints 180 (60 per bar)
Maximum Bolts in inventory 20
Available Perks to choose from 6
Selected active Perks per game 2
Available Vambrace Powers to choose from 2
Selected active Vambrace Powers per game 1
Maximum Vambrace Power Charges 3
Passive/Always on Perks 2

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