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Teka Andenet Belai
File:Teka Belai icon.png
Occupation Wardrobe Master

"You may have lost everything to get here but you don’t need to go around advertising it."

Teka Andenet Belai is the Wardrobe Master stationed at the Hunters' upgrade booth. Teka wears a mask and full-body suit, and thus his face and other identifying features are not visible to the player.


An up-and-coming designer, Teka’s ego rises faster than reality can keep up. While he sees the Scavengers as below his standing, their entry into the Bloodharvest provides the exposure he craves. Knowing an opportunity when he sees it, he’s begrudgingly accepted to outfit the competitors in hopes of drawing the viewers’ attention to their death-defying styles.

Teka’s certain he can make them famous. All they have to do is keep their damn blood off the clothes.