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Vambrace Powers (also known as Vambraces or Vambs, before the game rework known as Caltrops) are special powers unique to Scavengers. Before the round starts, every Scavenger chooses one Vambrace Power to use for that game, from a pool of two.

If the player uses the power, a special Bolt will fire, which will do increased damage to Drones and Hunter Constructs compared to a normal Bolt, along with having one additional effect on the place of impact. Every Vambrace Power bolt will also function as a regular Bolt with an area of effect. This means that to damage Drones, Constructs or mark objects, a direct hit is not necessary, as everything in the area will be marked and/or take damage.

Scavengers start out the game with 0 charges to use these, and can consume a Power Core Crate to max out their charges to 3. Every special Bolt fired consumes one charge.

If one of the Scavengers consumes the Golden Crate, every Scavenger can use their Vambrace Power an unlimited amount of times during a short, specific time-frame. However, during this time certain restrictions will still be active (like a maximum of 3 Clones at any given time).

The following is a list of all Vambrace Powers.


Icon Name Effect Available on Technician's comment
Active camo.png Active Camo Grants invisibility to any Scavengers within its area of effect "This is really clever: a cloud of specialized nano-machines swarm around you, each recording an image in the area in front of it and relaying that to a counterpart on the other side of you, which displays it."
Clone.png Clone Creates a Clone which runs in a direction for a time (10-28 seconds, depending on rank) "This is a variant on the tech behind Active Camo. A swarm of nanomachines, equipped with light emitters, creates a three-dimensional image of you. It's not that convincing up close, but it's good enough at a distance."


Heal Heals Scavengers over time within a 5 meter area of effect "Similar to the health crate, this bolt dispenses a cloud of healing nanomachines into the air, which the Garden's printing fields direct into the injuries of nearby Scavengers. They're effective, but don't have my bedside manner."
Shield alt icon.jpg Shield Grants a 15 second duration Shield to all Scavengers within the area of effect "On impact, the bolt tags any Scavenger in the area and the Garden's magnetic construction systems will kick in around them, deflecting incoming projectiles. Watch out for ricochets."
Smoke Screen Icon.png Smoke Screen Creates a 12 meter radius smoke screen that blocks visibility for a time (5-9.5 seconds, depending on rank) "Sometimes it's best to use the simplest solution. The bolt explodes, leaving a thick cloud, comprised mainly of printing by-products. All highly toxic, of course. But that's why you wear a mask, right?"
Speed Boost.png Speed Boost Creates a 3m area of effect that augments any Scavenger’s sprint speed for a few seconds.