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Deathgarden: BLOODHARVEST has a large arsenal of weapons available to The Hunter, with each Hunter starting with two weapons, their default loadout, and one supplementary weapon that can be purchased by speaking to the Technician. Each Hunter has their own unique arsenal, which allows for many different playstyles within the Garden.

Weapons require ammunition to be able to be fired. Ammunition is found in yellow Ammo Crates. Typically, one crate will provide one magazine of reserve ammo, but this can change with Perks. Upon entering the Garden, Hunters will always start with one full magazine, and typically one reserve magazine (a few weapons start with more reserve ammunition). The Hunter needs to make sure that they always have ammunition at hand, or else Scavengers are much more likely to escape the Garden.

List of weapons[]

Icon Name Type Description
Jasper 67V Shotguns Automatic Shotgun with a wide spread and a short range


Previously, all weapons were available to the one unnamed Hunter that existed in the game.

Icon Name Description Type
Core Design TTX22 Sniper Rifle.png Core Design TTX22 Sniper Rifle 12 round magazine. Unlimited effective range. Sniper Rifles
FR574 Devils Breath - Bolt Action Sniper.png FR574 "Devils Breath" - Bolt Action Sniper Very long range and slow rate of fire. Massive damage. Sniper Rifles
Jasper 67V Auto Shotgun.png Jasper 67V Auto Shotgun Fast rate of fire. 8 round magazine. 11 meters effective range. Shotguns
Mauler 190 Shotgun.png Mauler 190 Shotgun 12 round magazine. 13 meter effective range. Shotguns
Passam Hacksaw T24 LMG.png Passam "Hacksaw" T24 LMG 150 round magazine. 30 meter effective range. Assault Rifles & LMG's
Snake Bite Assault Rifle.png "Snake Bite Assault Rifle" 40 round magazine. 45 meter effective range. Assault Rifles & LMG's